Brussels: the city of the Peregrine

April 2018: time for a new Spring full of observations and discoveries!

They had completely disappeared in Belgium and in most areas in Europe. The culprits: poaching, hunting, habitat disruption, but most of all the use of pesticides like DDT. But then people mobilized to find solutions for these problems, and they worked! The falcons have returned! It was in 2004 that a couple of Peregrine Falcons first settled at the top of the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, in the heart of Brussels. Since then, 12 couples have nested on different places in a city with a million inhabitants.

We offer the opportunity to follow the nesting cycle of three Peregrine families in Brussels live, day and night. From the hatching of the nestlings to their first flight! Cameras were installed very close to the nests. The images are broadcasted in HD streaming on the website. The scenes are 100% natural: no trickery, all the falcons settled on each site on their own.

Welcome on the website of the Brussels’s Peregrine falcons!


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Map of the breeding sites of the peregrine falcons in Brussels