Bodybuilding at Uccle!

This afternoon, three of the four falcons that hatched between April 12 and 14 in the steeple of Saint-Job church, have fledged. The last one, a female, will spend another night in the nest.

The other falcons have discovered the sky of Brussels today! A female was in the cornice of the third floor of a house in Saint Job Square. A male was perched on the top of the church dome. The fourth, the ATP male falcon which missed his two first flights, was flying from left to right high above the square. At one point, he came to rest on the church and started a long session of wing workout! Essential!

The videos below, show the falcons exploring the world! The photos picture the young female who is still in the nest. She also builds her wing muscles! Will she fledge tomorrow?

During this time, the parents are present and ensure foodsupplies because the falcons will not yet be able to hunt successfully for several days! The last video shows the mother falcon plucking a prey on the chimney of a house in Saint Job Square.