First cheeps at the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula !

8:48 this morning, the new female Peregrine of the cathedral is sitting restlessly on her eggs. She seems nervous. And then she raises herself up slightly. You can see a slightly lighter area on the large end of one of her four eggs. Is this a sign that the egg cracks, that soon a first chick will hatch? Not sure, the sighting was far too furtive.

Two minutes later, the female falcon again raises herself up slightly and ... a cheeping chick! We can hear it perfectly! It only lasts a few seconds, but you can clearly see the tip of its beak which has pierced a small orifice through the eggshell. It didn’t hatch yet from the egg, but we can hear him inside. He is already starting to communicate with his mother and with the other eggs. Listen! The process will last all day. At least !

Friday, the teams of specialists who develop, install and maintain the camera system (Bodelec Design & Technology) and who organise the broadcast in HD on the internet (Storycatcher) were at work in the bell tower of the cathedral in order to install a new microphone. Even more efficient. To capture the first cheep of a new generation of Peregrines! To access the cathedral and the tower, it was still necessary to disturb the teams of the Church Factory of the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula. Meanwhile, the engineers of Tadaam, who manage the sending of 4G data from the top of the cathedral, are working hard to ensure a stable signal and sufficient flow to send images from the 3 cameras simultaneously at once. And sound!

Thank you and congratulations to all.