Hatching at ULB!

They were impatiently awaited for. We suspected the event to be imminent but nevertheless late. The first two chicks of the ULB Peregrine pair hatched yesterday at the top of the iconic tower of the Solbosch campus.

Video 1 shows the two falcon chicks for the very first time. One chick has only just been hatching: it’s down is still partially wet. The male Peregrine arrives to relay his partner. You can't help thinking that the maternal instincts of the female Peregrine make it difficult for her to leave her newly-hatched chicks. But finally, she leaves and stretches her wings.

An hour and a half later, the male quickly slips away, spotting the female arriving at the nest. She returns to cover her hatchlings which weigh barely forty grams. We can clearly see the hatched shells in the background and in particular the "large end" which has been meticulously sheared by the chick to allow it to extract itself from the egg in which it has developed during 36 days. This is absolutely exhausting work which explains why newborn falcons are somewhat limp!