Proof by picture!

The adoption of the falcon orphans of the church of Helmet takes on a new dimension!

Yesterday, the adult female Peregrine of the  St. Hubert Church of Watermael-Boitsfort was observed to feed two of her "legitimate" young and the male orphan from Helmet which was given to adoption last Friday. Proof  by the photo in the appendix of this blog! The adopted falcon is marked with a yellow ring engraved with the code A: D. With his foster siblings, he is now discovering the Brussels sky. But for the moment, he will not move more than a few dozen meters from the church away. He is still too inexperienced. From day to day, he will - they will – gain confidence, play in the air,  flirt with the currents, pursue a pigeon,  a tit or ... a  parakeet.

This is super news for this little falcon – but goes far beyond! We now can prove that this method works and share the results with colleagues all over the world. The Russian ornithologists with whom we collaborate closely, have already transmitted the info of  St. Petersburg to the shores of the Pacific!

This action is obviously not the result of the work of one person! This operation succeeded thanks to the teams of the Church Factory of the Holy Family “Saint-Famille” Church of Helmet, the municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort, the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, the Speleo Group of Redan, the SIAMU / firefighters from BXL-Capital, the Royal League for the Protection of Birds (Rehabilitation Centre for Birds and  Wild Mammals of BXL)) and collaborators from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.


Blog 31/05/2019 photos & videos:

Photo 1: the adopted falcon perched on the scaffolding at 65 m height (photo DV).

Photo 2: the adopting father is also perched on the church. He's watching! (photo DV).

Photo 3: the mother arrives, she brings a prey!  (photo DV).

Photo 4: the mother feeds her adoptive young. Successful operation, proof by photo! (photo DV).

Video 1: Helmet's  juvenile falcon is  begging,  calling, he is hungry (video DV).

Video 2: the female feeds her adopted falcon! (video DV).

Video 3: the adopted falcon is satisfied but still clumsy! (video DV).

Video 4: To the next! The mother then feeds one of her "legitimate" young. (video DV).