The second falcon of the cathedral did not survive

Observations from yesterday indicated that the female Peregrine of the cathedral was feeding her chick increasingly better and more frequent. The father continued to feed him assiduously. The chick had a full stomach and crop last night.

But that was not enough. The falcon died this morning. What is the exact cause? Hard to say but the inexperience of the Peregrine female seems the most likely hypothesis.

Meanwhile, Uccle's family is growing day by day. Their parents seem to be good at catching Rose-ringed parakeets. A Brussels specialty!

No hatching has  taken place in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre yet. It's getting late. Are the eggs not fertilized?

The blog of tomorrow will be devoted to the exceptional Peregrine female who nested in the cathedral between 2006 and 2018. She is still alive and therefore 18 years old!