The ULB camera is connected

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience, what can we say if it is not that technique plays tricks on us sometimes! The camera of the new nest under observation this spring 2021 has been online since yesterday! It films the nest of a pair of Peregrines at the top of the tower of the building of the Faculty of Law and Philosophy and Letters of the Free University of Brussels.

Discover it! The images are amazing!

Each site, each camera has its own characteristics. At ULB, the most striking images are those showing the adults arriving at the nest. Most often, we can hear the Peregrine before seeing them. They call loudly to announce their arrival to their partner. With some luck, we might see the Peregrine’s flying silhouette arriving at full speed above the campus. And then suddenly it disappears … to burst into the camera frame at the entrance to the nest. Indeed, the Peregrines land from below. This allows their movement to be slowed down before they hit “the ground”. They are no helicopters!

Obviously, they don't arrive in the nest 50 times a day. You should have some luck to watch at the right time the ULB nest. Or stay connected to the streaming with the sound switched on, so you can be notified what is going on in the nest! Hence, the best videos will be posted on this website. Here are already a few in the appendix.

The nest location is relatively narrow at ULB, so it is not possible to film the arrival of the adults and the nest in the same shot. We can't do everything! The axis of the camera will therefore be regularly varied in order to allow the most interesting observations possible.

In the next few hours, over the next few days, the camera will first and foremost be aimed at the nest. The hatching of the ULB Peregrine chicks was expected around April 12. It is April 16, so there is noticeably a delay. This corroborates the observations made at Uccle. The period of intense cold from 10 days ago clearly extended the incubation time which is normally 32 days from the laying of the third egg onwards. The hatching is imminent and we don't want to miss out on it.

How many eggs at ULB? You will find out tomorrow!