They fly!

Several falcons from the cathedral and the Saint Job church have taken their first flight.

The male G/2 falcon dared to jump first. He landed on the door lintel of the cathedral – 3 meters high! Shortly after, he flew back to the top. G/1, the other male of the cathedral, followed later on Monday. They are sitting on top of the cathedral, carefully watched by their parents. And that is necessary, because carrion crows are lurking: they will not hesitate to attack falcons that have just come out of the nest. On Sunday, G/2 was chased by one of the crows, until the father jumped the crow from above and scared him away.

G/3, the young female, has spent de night alone on the balcony. In the attached videos, you can see her where she came out of the egg – maybe for the last time.

The falcons of the Saint Job church in Uccle are as old as those on the cathedral, so the time to fly out has also come for them. On Sunday, all 4 of them were still in the nest, but acting very excited. 2 of them took flight yesterday. Like usual, the males flew first, because they are lighter and finish growing faster. The females G/G and G/K were still in the nest this morning, but they are equally excited. They turn and turn, jump on the axe of the clock or even descend to the dial of the clock.

Soon, all 7 of them will fly in the Brussels’ sky. The streaming will end then. Come back next week, when we blog about the other nests in Brussels and take stock of this season.