They did it!
At the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula, the Peregrine Falcons, over the years, have become an integral part of the heritage. They are sought after and admired by visitors but above all pampered by the collaborators and clergymen of the cathedral. Pampered and, sometimes also a little vilified when heaps of feathers block a gutter or when a very bloody carcass tumbles down on the forecourt, just at the entrance of the building ... Two sides to every coin!


Fledging simultaneously at ULB!
After a last night in their nest (video 1), the two juvenile falcons of the ULB fledged simultaneously, or almost, yesterday morning from the top of the 50 m tower of the building of Philosophy and Letters of the Brussels’ university (ULB).
Air show at Saint Job.
It was a great spectacle today at Saint Job Square! The four young peregrines were permanently visible. One on a roof, two on the steeple atop of the dome of the church, the fourth on a cedar of Lebanon. And then switching places!
Falcons exploring the world at Saint Job Square
The four juvenile falcons of Uccle fly! The fourth falcon fledged the day before yesterday.
Bodybuilding at Uccle!
This afternoon, three of the four falcons that hatched between April 12 and 14 in the steeple of Saint-Job church, have fledged. The last one, a female, will spend another night in the nest.
First fledgling at Uccle!
Today, at 16h55, the first juvenile falcon fledged succesfully!
A fledgling!
We expected that the juvenile falcons from Uccle would fledge on Monday 24 May. Well, no! The juvenile falcon identified by the black ATP ring has decided to conquer the sky earlier than expected!
Growth in 2 phases
The juvenile falcons of Uccle are celebrating their 5th week on Monday, which means in 7 days they will fledge!
Laeken, an unprecedental situation
In Laeken, in the north of Brussels, the famous Atomium ( is located, as well as the castle of the Belgian royal family and the Royal Crypt where all the sovereigns of Belgium are buried. But Laeken is also home to a pair of Peregrine Falcons!
A specialized predator with a varied menu, very varied!
One of the peculiarities of the Peregrine Falcon is to be a "super predator", in other words a predator at the top of the food chain. Does that mean he doesn't know any predators himself? No. Another species of bird is able to predate Peregrine Falcons: the Eagle Owl.
The falcon chicks of Saint Job have been ringed
Falcons for all is the part of sharing with the general public of the peregrine falcon population monitoring program set up by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences upon the return of the species to Belgium in 1994.


What’s happening at the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula?
As reported in the first blog of this season, the Peregrine pair who was first observed in central Brussels in the spring of 2019 and who nested at the cathedral last year, is present again. But they don’t nest. Hence, they do not nest in front of the camera! Because it seems that they have nevertheless initiated the nesting process in the heart of Brussels!
A falcon-squirrel!
Have you ever heard of Peregrine Falcons caching their prey? Yes, this super predator that is able to grab his prey by stoop diving at 400 km/h, has a habit of going here and there to cache birds it has caught in flight.
Four little falcons at Uccle and two at ULB
Four eggs, four chicks, the Peregrine couple which nest at Uccle confirm their great reproductive dynamism! Since their arrival at the Saint Job Church, the two partners have raised 23 falcons. Almost max. The quadruplets are now almost 15 days old; they have already grown famously. Their weight has been multiplied by 5! (Photo 1)
A chick’s day
The Uccle falcon chicks hatched on 12/04/2021 while those of ULB pierced their eggshells on 19/04/2021. Exactly one week difference. The two pairs nest in the south of Brussels, exactly 2230 m apart.
Hatching at ULB!
They were impatiently awaited for. We suspected the event to be imminent but nevertheless late. The first two chicks of the ULB Peregrine pair hatched yesterday at the top of the iconic tower of the Solbosch campus.
5 eggs at the ULB site but...
The ULB Peregrine female has been reproducing in Brussels since 2019. The ring she’s wearing bears witness to this! She was born in April 2014, in the Netherlands, near Maastricht. She is therefore 7 years old.
The ULB camera is connected
Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience, what can we say if it is not that technique plays tricks on us sometimes! The camera of the new nest under observation this spring 2021 has been online since yesterday! It films the nest of a pair of Peregrines at the top of the tower of the building of the Faculty of Law and Philosophy and Letters of the Free University of Brussels.
Four falcon chicks in Uccle !
The fourth falcon chick hatched at Saint Job's Church in Uccle this night. The brood is therefore complete and received a first meal early this morning.
Three falcon chicks at Uccle !
Two little falcons hatched this night in the nest of Saint-Job church. The last egg start to open up. We can see the beck of the fourth chick already. The fourth one might be there soon!
Finally, the first hatchling in Uccle!
We expected it on Friday, but it is only today that the first falcon chick of this spring 2021 has been hatching in Brussels, more precisely at the Saint Job church in Uccle.
A 2020 falcon chick of Uccle nests in Saint Gilles
The Ucclean Peregrine brood from last year consisted of 2 females and 1 male. Big surprise: the latter was spotted yesterday, perched on the tower of the Town Hall of Saint Gilles, one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels. How could we identify him? Thanks to the letters and numbers on his ring; through the telescope while he was perched at the entrance of the nest!
The Peregrine pair of Uccle Saint Job
The history of the observation of Peregrine Falcons in Uccle dates back to the autumn of 2013 when several naturalists from the municipality observed one and sometimes two individuals perched on the dome of Saint Job church.
Oh the technology!
A connection issue prevented the live streaming of the footage from the ULB this weekend. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. The teams are eager to find a solution as soon as possible.
The Peregrines at the University of Brussels (ULB)
The first observations of a Peregrine Falcon on the ULB campus in the Solbosch district date back to winter 2017-2018. During the same period, a falcon is from time to time spotted, perched on the Church of Saint Adrian, just 500 m southeast. Considering that a pair nests on the IT tower located at the end of Avenue Louise at the entrance to Bois de la Cambre, only 850 m from the Solbosch site, the establishment of a new pair has hitherto been excluded. Mistake, serious mistake!
Season 2021: the program!
This year, we invite you to observe 3 Peregrine Falcon pairs established in Brussels. Or rather two and a half!