Proof by picture!
The adoption of the falcon orphans of the church of Helmet takes on a new dimension!
Drama at the church of Helmet, the sequel (happy)
The second falcon orphan of Helmet was recovered through the Revalidation Centre for Birds and Wild Mammals in Brussels and people living in the neighbourhood of the church who reported his presence in a garden! What a good news! Because, considering the death of his parents, he had absolutely no chance of survival.
Big problem at Schaerbeek Helmet
In the spring of 2018, someone living near the Sainte-Famille “Holy-Family” Church in Helmet reported the presence of a Peregrine Falcon couple on the building. Several observations on site indeed confirm the presence of an adult couple, from which the female is ringed. But no chicks.
Imminent fledging at Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
The Peregrine couple of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre probably occupies one of the most beautiful nest sites of Brussels. What does "beautiful" mean to a Peregrine Falcon? This is obviously a bit subjective when evaluated through a human eye. But let's have a look anyway.
First flight at Uccle!
It's time for the big show! The first two falcons juveniles of Saint Job church in Uccle left their nest yesterday during daytime.
The video of the ringing at Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
The two juvenile falcons of the City Hall of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre were ringed on the 13th of May
Murder at the cathedral!
The recent and dramatic fire ravaged the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, therefore it makes sense that all the electrical devices installed in the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula are checked and verified. The building, which construction began in 1226, is one of the heritage treasures of Brussels’ centre. It is the Brussels firefighters and the specialists of ‘la Fabrique d’église’ that carry out this inspection.
The video about the ringing in Uccle
The four falcon chicks of the Saint Job church in Uccle were ringed on May 4th.
Come and see!
This fifteenth edition of "Falcons for all" offers you this spring to discover the Peregrine Falcons, and particularly the nesting cycle of two Peregrine families living in Brussels, using cameras located only a few tens of centimetres from the falcons. A surprising spectacle, enriching, touching.
Update on the situation at the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula
The situation in the centre of Brussels has become clear: the peregrine falcons will not nest this spring at the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula. A visit at the top of the North Tower found that the peregrine’s perfectly bowl-shaped nest in the substrate of early April had been trampled on in every direction. And that there were no eggs.


News from the nest of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
The family Peregrines installed at the top of the tower of the town hall of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre counts this spring two falcons. However, the female had laid four eggs in early March. What happened? Is this normal?
A new peregrine pair in Brussels !
Last spring, we could be sure about ten peregrine pairs nesting in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region. These include the following nesting sites: the cathedral of Saint-Michael and Saint-Gudula, the Church of Notre Dame in Laeken, the City Hall of Schaerbeek, the Churchill of Saint Job in Uccle, the basilica of Koekelberg, the Saint Antonius Church in Etterbeek, the Saint Guidon Church in Anderlecht and the City Hall of Anderlecht. In addition, four other territorial pairs have been localised, although it was not possible to conclude whether or not they had been nesting. This spring we might discover more about them!
Hatching in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, the sequel.
One hour after the piercing of its shell, the first falcon of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre 2019 hatched! Most of the time, hatching takes several hours, sometimes a whole day. Here, it happened in record time. Moreover, it was possible to attend directly at the whole process though live-streaming, shown in the video attached! An incredible chance! The female lifted herself up slightly, facing the camera, allowing us a detailed observation! A rarity to witness, now to watch over again in the video attached!
Hatching in progress in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre!
The female, nesting at the top of the tower of the City Hall of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre this spring, laid her first egg on March 8, the second on March 10, the third on March 13 and the fourth on March 16. A clutch of 4 eggs corresponds to the normal maximum for a female peregrine. The "abnormal" maximum, let's say rather exceptional, is 5 eggs.
Hatching at Uccle!
Since the beginning of March both falcon pairs of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Uccle have been incubating four beautiful brick-red eggs. We didn’t know exactly the day of egg- laying, but we had expected the first egg to hatch around April 10th.
Cathedral, the sequel!
The previous blog set the scene for 2019: the couple who had been nesting for several years on the cathedral did not return this spring. But we do now regularly observe new falcons perched on this monumental building.
A new season begins...
For fifteen years, we have been observing the nesting period of peregrine falcons in Brussels, but this time, the season doesn’t start like it did the previous years!