Saint Job Church, Uccle

50° 47' 38" NB , 4° 22' 0" OL

Discovering the Peregrine Falcons of Uccle

With a surface area of 22.91 km², Uccle is the second largest municipality in the Brussels region and it comes sixth in terms of the number of inhabitants.

This municipality with it 82,000 inhabitants is a very green municipality. One-fifth of its territory is covered by the Sonian Forest.

Uccle spearheads environmental policy and sustainable development: its creeks are being restored, it has adopted a Nature Plan, it stopped using pesticides in its parks and cemeteries, it promotes composting and vegetable gardens, …


The Nature Plan aims to maintain the peregrine falcons where they have been spotted, without attempting to anticipate their arrival or to influence a natural process. This policy has been carried out successfully and to everyone's satisfaction.

Communication was also an important goal of which the observation camera is a concrete result. Enjoy the show!

Marc Cools

Municipal Councilor of the Environment