Soon fledging in Uccle!
The three juvenile falcons from Uccle hatched on 24 and 25 April. It is a little later than the other pairs nesting this spring in Brussels. This is probably a consequence of the fact that it is a new pair of Peregrines who are nesting this year in the bell tower of the Saint Job church.
First eventful fledging!
Fledging is always an impressive and crucial moment. After staying for weeks, even months (in the case of albatrosses), in the safety of a nest, without moving, under the supervision of parents who feed, the young bird will have to learn to fly and to find food. Depending on the species, learning will be progressive… or not!


It's the fair at Saint Job
As every year for decades, the fair took place over the last two weekends in Saint Job. The entire square is occupied by carousels, each more festive than the next! From duck fishing to bumper cars, from giant trampolines to pipe shooting, from dutchies to candy floss, everyone laughs, shouts and paws every afternoon.
Visit to the Eagle Owls
The peregrine falcon is an apex predator. This means that it is at the very top of the food chain. Does he himself really have no predators? Not quite ! Indeed, he shares in Belgium and beyond in Europe, this position with the Eurasian eagle-owl. The largest nocturnal bird of prey in the world!
Department communication!
Obviously, this is the first stage of discovery of the “wide world” for the peregrine falcon chicks! So don't be surprised if the camera shows an empty nest. The falcon is there and there, but out of our field of observation. Of course, the parents continue to feed her. This "discovery" behavior will continue to develop until fledging. Soon, she will most certainly be back on the platform!
Banding of the falcon chicks of Uccle Saint-Job
This Friday, May 12, the 3 falcon chicks from the Saint Job church in Uccle were ringed.
A female falcon chick at the cathedral
The falcon chick at the cathedral was ringed yesterday. The combination of the wing measurement (117 mm) and the weight (848 g) determines that it is a female.
A Rose-ringed Parakeet on the menu in Uccle, a Turtle Dove at the cathedral
The peregrine falcon is the best aerial hunter in the world. Its ability to capture prey in midflight is unparalleled.
The 5 falcon chicks from the University of Brussels (ULB) have been ringed.
The quintuplets of the Solbosch campus have been ringed this Friday.
Come and see!
In order to allow everyone to observe the Peregrine Falcons, observation sessions with binoculars and a powerful telescope are also being organized over the next few days in Uccle Saint Job and at the ULB campus in Solbosch.


The five of the University of Brussels (ULB)
They did it! The Peregrine Falcon pair from the Solbosch campus are raising a clutch of 5 chicks!
Two falcon chicks are hatched in Uccle today
The first 2023 peregrine chicks hatched last night in the bell tower of the Saint Job church in Uccle. Just like at the cathedral, the incubation time will therefore have been longer than the “official” 32 days.
The Peregrine: the fastest animal in the world!
The Peregrine Falcon is a very specialized hunter: it only feeds on birds caught in mid-flight.
Hatching and exceptional images at the ULB!
The first chirps had been heard yesterday, but we had to listen carefully because a music festival was taking place on campus!
Hatching at the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule!
The only egg laid by the female Peregrine of the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule hatched this afternoon in the nest located on the north tower of the building.
The Peregrine Falcons of the ULB
The Peregrine pair currently nesting at the top of the belfry that adorns the historic building of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, on the Solbosch campus, was discovered in early spring 2019.
The Peregrine Falcons of Saint Job Church in Uccle
Unlike the Peregrine pair from the cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule, who arrived on the building several years ago, the Peregrines who are nesting this spring in Uccle are newcomers! And their origin is still unknown! It will remain so for the female who is not ringed. The male is ringed, but the code of his ring could not yet have been deciphered.
The Peregrine Falcons at the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula
The Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula, whose construction began 1000 years ago*, stands in the center of Brussels, near the famous Grand Place! It is one of the most magnificent and therefore most visited buildings in the city. Since the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris, almost 4 years ago to the day, the number of foreign visitors has multiplied again!
A new observation season is starting!
This spring, we are going together to observe, discover and admire three families of Peregrine Falcons in Brussels.