The ULB falcon chicks have been ringed
It was ringing day on June 10 at the top of the tower of the Literature & Philosophy building of the Solbosch campus of the University of Brussels (ULB).
A flying juvenile falcon in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.
The 4 juvenile falcons in the tower of the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre city hall were hatched on 1 May. They should therefore fledge around next Sunday, June 12th.


Moving ending of the nesting period in Uccle
In Uccle, the end of nesting was eventful. During the observation session on Sunday May 22, none of the (many) observers and photographers present managed to spot the 4 juvenile falcons at the same time. Same with the camera.
Hatching live at the ULB!
This is unheard of ! A brood of falcons hatched live at the end of May in Brussels! And it is at the top of the tower of the historic building of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) that this is happening!
Soon fledging in Uccle, still a little patience at the cathedral!
The 4 juvenile falcons of the Saint Job church in Uccle hatched on April 13. Considering that the growth period of a Peregrine falcon extends over 6 weeks, fledging is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 25! The camera that films access to the nest has therefore been connected instead of the one that has been filming until now. However, the available space is very limited at this part of the nest. This camera therefore shows lower quality images and cannot be oriented. We promise, we will try to set up a new system by next spring.
The four chicks from Woluwe-Saint-Pierre have been ringed
The Woluwe-Saint-Pierre clutch of Peregrine Falcons was ringed this morning. The total number of raised-ringed falcons on the tower of the city hall therefore stands at 19 since the couple arrived in 2014.
Technical problem at the cathedral, how does it work?
The 7/24 HD live streaming of the nesting of 4 families of Peregrine Falcons in Brussels is an incredible source of discovery and astonishment, but is also a famous technical challenge!
A female chick at the cathedral
The cathedral's only chick was ringed yesterday. Its measurements are as follows: weight = 786 g and wing = 158 mm. These data indicate that it is a female. But it also indicates a very average physical condition because a weight of 786 g at the age of 3 weeks is not great. In comparison, the female Peregrine chick from Uccle weighed 1 kg at the same age.
The film about the ringing of the falcon chicks in Uccle.
The first 2022 falcons were ringed this weekend in Brussels. It is again the family of Uccle which is the most precocious.
Exceptional nesting and images at the ULB!
We certainly can say that this is a special kind of spring for the Peregrine couple who has lived at the ULB since 2019!
First feeding session and new hatchlings in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre!
A second falcon chick hatched last night at the top of the tower of the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre city hall.
Hatching at Woluwe-Saint-Pierre!
4:46:10 p.m.: the first 2022 Peregrine falcon chick is hatched at Woluwe-Saint-Pierre!


Brooding and vocalizations in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
For the ninth consecutive spring, a pair of Peregrine Falcons is nesting at the top of the tower of the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre town hall. It was, at the time of their arrival in 2014, the eighth couple identified in Brussels. They are now a dozen of Peregrine pairs in Brussels.
Turnaround at the ULB!
Since yesterday, and this is unprecedented, the nesting of 4 pairs of Peregrine Falcons settled in Brussels can be observed in detail. A quarter of the number of falcon pairs nesting in the city are thus connected to the Internet. Being able to observe hour by hour, day after day, the behavior, the individual characteristics of these magnificent birds is exceptional. It's even probably unique in the world and it's in Belgium that it happens!
Hatching at the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula!
At last! The first 2022 falcon chick hatched in the center of Brussels this afternoon.
4 falcon chicks at Uccle!
4 eggs laid at the beginning of March and 4 falcons hatched on April 13 in Uccle. 100% success therefore at the level of fertilization and hatching for the couple of Peregrines settled in the bell tower of the Saint Job church in Uccle.
Imminent egg hatching in Uccle Saint Job!
Since noon yesterday, eggs are chirping in Uccle! The hatching process takes long hours. The first step for the chick is to pierce an internal membrane in the egg so there is more room to turn around and methodically shear the shell on the side of the blunt end.
The Peregrines of the Cathedral
It is at the top of the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule that, for the very first time in ornithologist memory, a pair of Peregrine Falcons have nested in Brussels. It was in 2004. And it was also the first time that a couple of Peregrines nested in town in Belgium. For the record, the Peregrines completely ceased nesting in Belgium (and almost all of Europe) during the second half of the sixties. In 1994, they returned to the country, first to the Meuse valley.
Peregrine falcon eggs will soon hatch in Uccle!
In 2013 we observed, for the very first time, Peregine falcons present at the Saint Job church in Uccle. A peregrine pair was frequently observed in the spring, but nothing more.
We were just talking… !
While they had abandoned their former nest to settle in a nearby church, the ULB Peregrine couple has been back since yesterday!!!
Season 2022: take care, your eyes!
This spring, for the 18th consecutive year, we invite you to come, with us, to observe the details of the nesting season of the Peregrine falcon pairs that are settled in Brussels.