Department communication!

Obviously, this is the first stage of discovery of the “wide world” for the peregrine falcon chicks! So don't be surprised if the camera shows an empty nest. The falcon is there and there, but out of our field of observation. Of course, the parents continue to feed her. This "discovery" behavior will continue to develop until fledging. Soon, she will most certainly be back on the platform!

Another site, another situation: at the ULB, the falcon chicks don't really have the opportunity to walk around. Similar situation also exists on natural sites when the nest is located on a small ledge. No worries for the five then. On the other hand, they completely soiled the globe of the camera. You can hardly see anything! A solution was to be implemented last summer. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Everything will be done to resolve the problem by next spring. In the meantime, really sorry for not being able to continue to follow the evolution of this family...

And in Uccle? Everything's good !

Good observations!

Blog 15052023 video 1. The female falcon chick of the cathedral strolling on the balcony!