Hatching and exceptional images at the ULB!

The first chirps had been heard yesterday, but we had to listen carefully because a music festival was taking place on campus!

But today, no doubt, two falcons have hatched at Solbosch. And this is, normally, only the beginning, since the female has laid 5 eggs, which is exceptional. Are they all fertilized? Did the incubation go well? The male Peregrine, much smaller than the female, has a hard time warming 5 eggs simultaneously. So let's hope that the 3 additional falcons will hatch soon. A crack can be seen on one of the eggs, which indicates an imminent hatch. Confidence !

In the meantime, the observation of the nest brings absolutely magnificent images. It is 8 am, the female gets up and the two falcons appear. She actually heard the male coming with a prey. But first it need to be plucked better. The female takes care of it while the male flies away to hunt (video 1). When the prey is finally plucked, it's time to feed the chicks (video 2): in the early evening (6:40 p.m.), the male feeds the two falcon chicks. The male can be recognized by his very pale, almost white chest and the fact that the yellow of its legs, the base of its beak and around its eyes is much more intense. But suddenly, the female arrives. She also brings food. Completely plucked this time. And there, it is unheard of! The two Peregrine parents, side by side, each feed a falcon for several minutes! (video 3). GORGEOUS !

Blog 20042023 video 1 (see blog text)

Blog 20042023 video 2 (see blog text)

Blog 20042023 video 3 (see blog text)