Hatching at the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule!

The only egg laid by the female Peregrine of the Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule hatched this afternoon in the nest located on the north tower of the building.

We were getting impatient! The female laid eggs on Thursday March 9th and … started brooding the same day. She only laid one egg. Indeed, Peregrine falcons only begin to incubate the eggs from the penultimate egg. The goal is for all falcons to hatch within 24-36 hours. As a reminder, among Peregrines, male and female are incubating the eggs and chicks.

Incubation normally lasts 32 days. Hatching was therefore expected around Monday, April 10. And in the end, it was for 40 days that male and female took turns on the egg! This represents 25% more time than normal! It’s a huge difference! But the chick is now well and truly there!

Blog 04182023 video 1. The chick chirps under the female.

Blog 04182023 video 2. The egg has just hatched under the female.

Blog 04182023 video 3. The male incubates the chick.

Blog 04192023 video 4. Feeding the chick.