Soon fledging in Uccle!

The three juvenile falcons from Uccle hatched on 24 and 25 April. It is a little later than the other pairs nesting this spring in Brussels. This is probably a consequence of the fact that it is a new pair of Peregrines who are nesting this year in the bell tower of the Saint Job church.

The nest period for the growth of the Peregrine chicks is spread over a period of six weeks. As a reminder, in altricial birds, the chicks have reached adult size when they leave the nest. Fledging at Saint Job is therefore imminent!

Still a little patience however because this Sunday at the end of the afternoon, none of the three seemed ready to fledge. The observation conditions are exceptional from Place Saint Job and it is therefore possible to easily observe the juvenile falcons at the entrance to their nest. Videos 1 and 2 show them observing attentively the ground and in the sky. But no attempt yet to exit towards the clock of the church. A little more patience, it won't take long!

The flight is a crucial period for the juvenile falcons and the Peregrine parents know it well. They therefore watch their young carefully. But at the same time, they feed them much less than it was a few days ago. Probably it is a behavior that aims to stimulate them to leave the nest. While making them lose weight a little bit, which is an advantage for a first flight!

Video 3 shows the female (above) and the male sitting at the very top of the bell tower. Videos 4 and 5 show the male resting on the church.

To be continued !

Blog 05062023 video 1. Saint Job's falcons on the balcony, fledging will be soon (DV video).

Blog 05062023 video 2. Saint Job's falcons on the balcony, bis! (DV-video)

Blog 05062023 video 3. The female (top) and the male at the steeple (DV video).

Blog 05062023 video 4. The male Peregrine cleans his plumage at the very top of the steeple (DV video).

Blog 05062023 video 5. The male Peregrine watches from on a stone ornament near the nest (DV video).