The fledging of the 4 ULB juvenile falcons in 9 videos

They did it! The 4 juvenile falcons fledged this week.

The first jumped into the void on June 2 at 11:51:54 under the curious gaze of his 3 brothers (video 1). They had been flapping and flapping their wings for several days to get ready for the big day. And here we are now! In the nest, the exercises continue (video 2) and at 2:01:12 p.m., a second juvenile falcon fledges (video 3).

Day breaks on June 3 at the ULB, one of the 2 falcons still in the nest is playing shadow puppets (video 4). So there are still 2 of them. Not for long because number 3 leaves the nest at 11:44:55 (video 5). The young falcon, that is now alone in the nest, must eat! His mother brings him a whole pigeon at 1:10 p.m. His reaction is surprising. It does not pounce on the prey but performs a sort of dance and utters plaintive cries. The mother remains impassive at first and then decides to pluck the pigeon (video 6).

The next day it is the male who comes to feed the youngest. He brings a pigeon that has already been partially eaten. Then another young falcon falls from the sky and cleverly comes to enjoy an easy meal (video 7). The visitor leaves in the afternoon. Evening sets and the juvenile falcon is once again alone in the nest (video 8). It was finally this June 6 at 11:07:50 that the fourth ULB falcon left the nest (video 9).

They are flying !