The second falcon from Uccle fledged

We cannot deny that the fledging of the two juvenile Peregrine falcons of Uccle is fast this year! While in general, they spend hours, days, "wandering" around the clock dial, returning to the nest, balancing on the clock hands which obviously... move constantly, this spring: it was like one, two, three, fledge!

It was 06:19 this morning, when the second juvenile falcon jumped into the void. Successful, as shown in video 1.

At the end of the day, a lot is going on around the Saint Job church. A young Peregrine falcon circles above the neighbourhood and lands at the top of the lightning rod, next to the weathervane (video 2). The Peregrine mother then arrives with a piece of completely feathered and bloody prey (video 3). Just below her, the second falcon is begging for food (video 4). The female calls him gently (video 5), but he remains on the stone ornament, 1 meter below her (video 6). The second juvenile falcon then comes down from the bell tower and lands not far from its mother (video 7) who joins him and passes the prey to him (video 8).

That's it, two new falcons are flying in the sky of Uccle!