First little falcons hatching!

This morning, around 07:15, the female Peregrine from Uccle rose slightly, and a piece of shell appeared! The camera is still filming in infra-red and thus the image is black and white, but there can be no doubt : the first falcon of 2018 has hatched.

At 10:05, the male points the tip of its beak into the nest. He brings his female a sparrow which he has completely plucked. She gets up gently and reveals a ball of immaculate white down. He's there! The female seizes the prey and leaves the steeple. The male observes. This is the third year that he has become a father. He moves slowly and covers the youngling, and the eggs still to hatch. Exactly 4 minutes later, the female returns to the nest. What did she do in that brief period? The male immediately makes room for her. She lies down on her first falcon of 2018 and her remaining eggs. The new generation has arrived!

In the center of Brussels, you can even hear the show! The behaviour of the adults in the cathedral this morning was a clear sign that the brooding might also be coming to an end. One peak at 11:00, another at 11:34. Listen carefully. No doubt at 13:12 : you can distinctly hear distinctly at least one hatchling chirping. The female – remember ; a record falcon in her 17th year - gets up and turns slightly. Yes, there is a first crack in a shell!

Both in Uccle and in the cathedral, the hatching will last for several hours or even several days. The show is beautiful!