Season 2021: the program!

This year, we invite you to observe 3 Peregrine Falcon pairs established in Brussels. Or rather two and a half!

Indeed, a Peregrine pair are present at the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula at the heart of Brussels’ center, but apparently they are not incubating eggs. In any case, not in the nest equipped with  cameras. They are the same couple that failed last spring. Their chicks died within a week after hatching. The cathedral's camera system is up and running, and even automatic recording when a Peregrine - or whatever! - passes in front of the camera. This will allow punctual availability of images. However, in the absence of nesting, the connection to the internet was not (yet) activated. Hence, everything is prepared, just in case. Fingers crossed!

The big news this year is the observation of the couple nesting in the steeple of the tower of the historic building of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, on the Solbosh campus. It is in this building, located along Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, that the Faculty of Law and Philosophy and Letters is located. Connecting this nest to the internet was no easy task as it was necessary to install the optical fiber right into the tower, but the system is now operational thanks to the University teams (who worked tirelessly on it)! The images are superb, the close-ups impressive.

A family of Peregrine Falcons under observation at an university, that is indeed an incentive to science! All the images being recorded, there will be a treasure of data to analyze from an ecological and ethological point of view (= behavioral science). Some future master's theses in biology?

Hatching at the ULB site is expected around April 12.

And then, this spring we also continue to observe the Peregrine Falcon couple that nests for the seventh consecutive year in the bell tower of Saint Job Church in Uccle. But it was already in 2013 that  a couple was observed for the first time at this church in the south of Brussels. It was the magnificent discovery of a late Brussels naturalist: Hellin de Wavrin.

Incubation  started on March 8 in Uccle. The incubation, at 37.7 ° C (or 99.86 °F), lasts for 32 days. Take the count: the hatching is expected to start on April 9, only a week from now. Patience!

Good observations!


Video 1. The male of the cathedral with its prey, a Blackcap, on its favorite gargoyle