Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

50° 50' 52" NB , 4° 21' 33" OL

Brussels, the Capital of Peregrine Falcons!

A pair of Peregrine Falcons has established its nest in the heart of Brussels, on one of the towers of the Sint Michael and Sint Gudule Cathedral, a stone's throw from the famous Grand Place! This key monument of the Belgian capital has been home to these birds of prey since 2004. In the memory of the inhabitants of Brussels, this is unheard of! The bird, persecuted by poachers and poisoned by pesticides, had completely disappeared from Belgium and most of Europe. Now it has come back to live in the middle of the city, among people. As a result, it was so well received that there are now no less than 12 pairs in Brussels. What a symbol!

Rich in its exceptional cultural heritage and mixed race, Brussels is made up of many districts where even the birds of prey find residence. Beyond chocolate, beer and the Grand Place, these Peregrine Falcons offer tourists and passers-by a taste of spring in Brussels. I invite you to follow their adventures via live streaming in HD online. The arrival of the falcons is awaited every year, symbolizing the return of the good weather in the capital!

See you soon.

The Mayor of the City of Brussels


Uccle’s two falcons have hatched!
The hatching of the 2 eggs of the Uccle Peregrine pair was expected last Wednesday after 32 days of incubation. The first chirps were heard on Thursday. Hatching was therefore imminent but... we had to wait until Sunday morning to see the first chicks emerge from the shell on its own! The second falcon chick broke free from its shell this morning, shortly before dawn.
See them in real life!!
This year we are once again offering you the possibility of observing by screen (GSM, tablet, PC, TV) 3 families of Peregrine falcons via camera/server/encoder/streamer, systems installed by real specialists, there in the tower of a cathedral, there behind the clock of a church, there at the top of the belfry of the historic building of a prestigious university! Each time it is a technical challenge and... a significant budget. Because obviously, the installations in question have nothing comparable to the webcam of a computer which allows you to chat with Aunt Christine seated in her armchair at the other end of the street! A huge thanks therefore to the institutions which welcome us, and which finance all the expenses linked to the Falcons for All program!
Eggs are chirping in Uccle!
The first time a pair of Peregrines were nesting at the Saint Job church in Uccle dates from spring 2015. The male is ringed! Deciphering the code on his ring allows us to know that he was born in April 2012 in the Saint Rombaut cathedral in Mechelen. The distance between Mechelen and Uccle is 28 km.